Make the New Orleans NPP Good for Your Business



The City of New Orleans requires individuals and businesses applying for an action of the City Planning Commission (CPC) or Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) to complete the Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) process before submitting a formal application. This includes applications for conditional uses, variances, zoning changes and similar CPC actions, and applies to all applications except BZA applications requesting waivers (variances) related to a single or two-family residence.



The NPP process requires applicants to set and conduct a meeting with residents living near the project site, and the neighborhood association(s) where the project is located.  A detailed report describing this meeting must then be filed with CPC or BZA. While this does require an investment time and effort by applicants, it provides an opportunity to build support for the application from neighbors.  In turn, this can save a good deal of money and time later in the process.


The Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) helps applicants complete the NPP process as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This ensures that our clients are in full compliance with the NPP regulations, and also helps them have the most productive dialogue with their neighbors.  The NPP is based on work done by CBNO, and we are thoroughly familiar with the process.

The NPP process can be an advantageous component of your proposed business or development project. For more information about  about CBNO's considerable experience with the NPP process and how CBNO can help you complete the process successfully please visit this page.












CBNO offers an initial free consultation for anyone preparing for the NPP process. To initiate this consultation, please complete and submit our intake form. Fees for our services will be discussed at the consultation; typically, fees for the regular full-service package do not exceed $1,800.

CBNO will not become an advocate for you with the neighborhood or with the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustments or City Council.  We will at all times maintain complete neutrality in terms of your project, and our reports will be accurate, objective reflections of all comments received during the NPP process.  However, we will also work at all times to help find solutions that are mutually agreeable and beneficial to all involved.  Finally, CBNO is not responsible for final decisions of the City Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustments or City Council.