About CBNO


Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) is the successor to the Metropolitan Area Committee, and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016.  CBNO is the leading New Orleans expert on community engagement, and the NPP is based CBNO’s comprehensive Citizen Participation Plan.  CBNO has conducted nationwide research on best practices for bringing community, business and government together for effective collaboration.


Having helped write the NPP legislation, and advised City Planning extensively on its implementation and workings, CBNO understands the purpose and requirements of the NPP intimately.  CBNO has facilitated countless community meetings, and has extensive experience compiling and reporting on public input.  The organization works with neighborhoods, community groups, business organizations, other nonprofits, and various aspects of city government; in all cases, our focus is on finding common ground as the basis for mutually beneficial problem-solving.  Our overarching objective is to create a better quality of life for all New Orleanians.


For more information, visit our website:  www.cbno.org