How CBNO Helps You with the NPP Process


There is a substantial difference between conducting the NPP process to minimum standards and doing it effectively.  The former may leave applicants open to ongoing neighborhood opposition, additional approval hurdles, and costly delays later in the decision-making process.


Doing the NPP process effectively usually leads to a smooth approval process, high levels of support from neighbors, and a welcome environment once the project is completed and the business is open.


CBNO is thoroughly familiar with the NPP process, as it is based on our work.  Further, we have worked with neighborhood and community groups for many years.  We have also worked with the business community in many capacities.  We are uniquely qualified to facilitate communication between applicants and neighbors, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.


CBNO can help you navigate the NPP process by:

  • Assisting you in preparing the clearest presentation of your project, so that it is easily understood by residents during the NPP meeting.  This reduces confusion and suspicion, and ensures an efficient meeting.

  • Anticipating many potential concerns that residents may have, and assisting you in preparing to address them.

  • Working with the neighborhood association to determine the best time and location for the NPP meeting, and helping you publicize it, in order to ensure maximum awareness and participation.  This can include identifying additional organizations, institutions, etc. that may be in proximity to your project site.  This is a critical step, as it protects you against future claims of people not knowing about your project.

  • Preparing and maintaining the necessary paperwork, such as sign-in sheets, handouts, etc., so you can focus on your project.

  • Facilitating the NPP meeting, making sure that all voices are heard while maintaining a respectful, productive tone for the meeting.  We can help make sure that any concerns are expressed clearly, and help identify underlying issues in a way that leads effective responses to such concerns.

  • Taping, filming or transcribing the meeting to ensure complete, accurate reporting.

  • Providing Spanish-language translation and interpretation services so that all neighbors are able to participate in the NPP process, and applicants can converse with their neighbors-to-be.

  • Helping you set up a system to receive additional comments during the NPP process, and compiling them for the NPP report.  This further ensures your satisfactory completion of the process.

  • Preparing the NPP report, ensuring that it is complete and in compliance with City Planning Commission requirements.



Many applicants only require one NPP meeting in order to gain neighborhood support.  However, in situations where participants at the NPP meeting raise substantial concerns and express opposition to your projects, we can work with you to continue the dialogue in a productive way.


Based on our many years of working with both neighborhoods and the business community we can help you understand the concerns that are expressed.  We can often help you find solutions to underlying concerns that may not have been verbalized clearly during the NPP meeting.  We can then work with you to go back to the community to present your solutions.


CBNO will not become an advocate for you with the neighborhood or with the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustments or City Council.  We will at all times maintain complete neutrality in terms of your project, and our reports will be accurate, objective reflections of all comments received during the NPP process.  However, we will also work at all times to help find solutions that are mutually agreeable and beneficial to all involved.  Finally, CBNO is not responsible for final decisions of the City Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustments or City Council.


Simply put, CBNO can help you complete the NPP process in the most efficient and effective way possible, giving your project the greatest chance of a clear course for approval and success.